Hello and welcome
to Augustin!

Located above the Theresienwiese and only a stone’s throw away from the venerable Bavaria, the Augustin Youth and Family Hotel greets its guests from all over the world with a warm welcome. Faithful to the Bavarian way of life, “live and let live”, every guest is the apple of our eye: whether travelling in pairs, with the whole family, with a backpack or wheeled suitcase, on foot or by train – Augustin is home to each and all!

This is where contemporary architecture meets understated comfort. We want everyone to feel at home here. The house has been built to the highest of standards with a great love of detail, and is equipped with everything you might need for a feel-good experience.

Our values and our home are the sources of inspiration behind Augustin. There is love and passion in every detail of our house: be it our in-house energy management or our collaboration with carefully selected local suppliers.

In our house, high-quality furnishings, service and comfort go hand in hand with our conviction and responsibility to ensure good interactions and foster harmony. And because we are convinced that everyone feels at home at Augustin, we look forward to welcoming guests of all ages and from all over the world!

We can’t wait to see you –
Your Augustin Team